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...let start the ball rolling... was a comment from Andrew Tanenbaum in Minix code. Now it is time to give back to the open source community what I gained in many years of activity.

This site is devoted to object oriented technologies and open source products.
Why ObjectMagic ? The name comes from America's cup. A sort of tribute to Black Magic, the incredible and magic boat of New Zealand team.

There are many projects in incubation, here a short list grouped by category:

Announcing the availability of a JDO integration in JasperReports.
Follow this link to jump directly to the project page.

Special Credits
My grateful thanks go to objectdb people that have kindly granted a full server license of their flagship JDO implementation for my open source development.

Thanks to The Apache Software Foundation for their contribution to the community.

Hope you find this site and its magic useful.

Happy object voodoo to you !!


Apache JDO project
JPOX: JDO2 reference implementation

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For any comment, question, suggestion on the various packages contact voodoo@objectmagic.org (Yes, even for bug report)